Multitaper Spectral Analysis of Sleep EEG

In this set of tutorials, we will explain the theory of spectral estimation and demonstrate how a technique called multitaper spectral analysis can create clear, vibrant pictures of brain dynamics during sleep — rich with information beyond what can be seen in traditional clinical hypnogram analyses.

Transient Oscillation Dynamics

In this tutorial and algorithm overview, we go over the Transient Oscillation Dynamics toolbox and how to use it identify time-frequency peaks (TF-peaks) in the time-frequency topography of the EEG, then create two-dimensional histogram visualizations of TF-peak activity across sleep-depth and cortical state.

Sleep Apnea Dynamics

In this tutorial, we show a new approach that computes an “instantaneous AHI”, which computes the moment-to-moment probability of a respiratory event as a function of changes in body position, sleep stage, and previous respiratory event activity. This model acts as a highly individualized respiratory signature, which can accurately predict the precise timing of future events and show robust differences in populations.

Understanding AHI Uncertainty

In this tutorial, we characterize uncertainty in the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), which is the key diagnostic metric for sleep apnea.

Tracking the Sleep Onset Process

In this video tutorial, we describe a new way of tracking the continuum of sleep onset, which incorporates EEG, physiological, and behavioral information to estimate the instantaneous probability that a subject is awake at each point in time.