Principal Investigator

  • Michael Prerau, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Harvard Medical School
    Associate Neuroscientist and Director of the Neurophysiological Signal Processing Core
    Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders
    Department of Medicine
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Current Members and Mentees

  • Mingjian (Alex) He – Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program
  • Thomas Possidente
  • Shuqiang Chen – (Boston University, under Dr. Uri Eden)
  • Michael Gulledge – (Harvard University GPN, under Dr. Elena Chartoff)

Alumni Members and Mentees

  • Hyeonjin Kim, M.D. – International Sleep Research Training Program Fellow
  • Patrick Stokes, Ph.D.
  • Tanya Dimitrov
  • Preetish Rath
  • Santosh Telang

Collaborators and Mentors